Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Uncover your client’s unique risk capacity and tolerance preferences. Easily demonstrate how you can provide matched investment recommendations that are perfectly aligned with their investment goals.

OnPointe Risk Analyzer’s robust risk-engine simplifies measuring and communicating both personal and portfolio investment risk.

It’s simple! Clients complete the risk questionnaire. You show clients how your portfolio recommendations are exactly what they need to manage risk and meet their goals.

Client Risk Assessments

Simply asking clients how they feel about losses doesn’t provide accurate data. OnPointe risk questionnaires use a unique blend of risk capacity and risk tolerance preferences to determine a realistic and more comprehensive client risk profile.

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Many clients are unknowingly invested in direct opposition to their capacity and preferences. OnPointe’s personal and portfolio risk scores are tightly calibrated making it easy to recommend the perfect portfolio to clients to best meet their needs.

Beautiful Presentations

Easily generate secure and compliant reports to present your investment recommendations. Using Risk Analyzer, highlight your ability to develop personally aligned investment portfolios using the magic of the OnPointe Risk Score.

Generate Leads and Visualize Trends

OnPointe Risk Analyzer provides powerful tools to help generate leads and collect prospect information. The OnPointe Dashboard allows you to visually track your progress.

With just a couple clicks, you could be generating leads from multiple sources including websites, email, and even social media.

Prospect and client details are easily accessible and can be continuously built upon to create a holistic client profile. This allows you to more easily offer specific solutions that build client trust.

Risk Assessments: Personal Risk Score

Our Risk Assessment Questionnaire uses a unique blend of risk capacity (how much the client can afford to lose for their life situation and goals) and risk tolerance (how much they think they’re willing to lose). 

OnPointe Risk Analyzer has developed the first “market-calibrated” risk scoring methodology allowing us to present real-world scenarios and gain deeper client insights.

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Client Reports and Presentations

We’ve designed a fully customizable reporting and presentation generator making it easier than ever to show clients the information you want.

Choose your logos, desired pages, key metrics, and other details until its just right. Then save it as a template for future use.

Export as a PDF, save to the client profile, or click to email directly.

Whatever and however you like!

Stress Testing, Monte Carlo Simulations, Retirement Planner, FIA Illustrator and much more…

In addition to our core risk assessment, analysis, and reporting features, we strive to develop the tools most requested by financial advisors and industry professionals.

When clients feel their advisor is well-equipped, knowledgable, and able to confidently set expectations, they have less fear and more peace of mind.

We’re moving quickly, so be on the lookout for more valuable features soon!

OnPointe Risk Analyzer

The industry-leading platform for investment risk analysis.